Thursday, September 23, 2010

First day of fall

Well here it is Sept. 23 & I haven't been blogging. Must be my lack of skill in typing. I've logged approx. 1123 miles this year so far. The most recent a 22 mi. ride @ sunrise in Lancaster County on Wed. morning. Got some good pics.....saw some great sights- found a mill - Osceola Mill just south of Paradise, Amish kids walking to school, farmers taking their teams of horses out to the field, found the toughest hill I've seen in Lanc. County ....Vintage Rd. up to Forrest View Ridge. .....loved every minute.


  1. Thanks for sharing Dad! Beautiful...sounds like you are having a great week off:)

  2. p.s. when you put the picture in the header, check the "shrink to fit" box and it will fit right in there...