Saturday, February 19, 2011

Getting back on the bike

Wow ! My third entry to my blog in 11 months! It's Feb. 18, 45 degrees with wind gusts up to 50 mph. Great day for my first ride of the year, eh?  Riding in high winds can be quite the adventure. I found myself sitting on the windward edge of the seat to effect the balance. When the gust come you have to steer into them & when wind lets up suddenly you inadvertently jerk to the side. I got in 11.2 miles for my first ride of the year. Only 1122 miles to top this last years total.
I'm proclaiming my goal for this year to be 1500 miles. So with 315 days left in the year that means I need to average 4.76 miles per day, 33.33 miles per week. That's not going to be easy but we'll see what takes place. The last couple years have had their physical hurdles. Torn meniscus, shoulder reconstruction, last year it was sciatica & shingles. But I'm thankful that God has blessed my with good health overall. Looking forward to a strong biking year ahead.

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